Best Pans to Fry the Perfect Egg

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Eggs are the inexpensive essential superfood for every diet; high in protein, vitamin-rich, and versatile to fit everyone’s taste buds, whether it’s breakfast, lunch and dinner. But because cooking eggs is a tedious task without the correct tool of choice, it also raises the question of how to fry the perfect egg. After reviewing a vast selection of utensils in search for perfection and here is the top three we discovered.

T-fal A83100 One Egg Wonder

Only 4.5 inches in diameter, T-fal’s One Egg Wonder frying pan is crafted for efficiency. The nonstick surface guarantees a flawless flip every time, while the bottom distributes heat evenly for a reliable finished product, leaving us satisfied with the perfect egg with every one we cracked. And it’s dishwasher safe, making for a quick and easy clean up.

Although the One Egg Wonder will give you perfectly cooked eggs, it requires patience, because it’s designed for cooking only one egg at a time. We also found that the shape of the egg may vary each use.

Flamekiss Orange Ceramic Coated 3-Cup Egg Cooker Pan by Amorè

The Flamekiss 3-Cup Egg Cooker design is revolutionary for cooking three flawless eggs at once. The genius inserted cups do not allow the raw eggs to move while cooking. The non-stick surface makes slipping the eggs out of the non-stick surface a breeze. Being able to make three eggs at once is not only simple but energy-efficient. Not to mention cleanup is quick, easy, and dishwasher safe!

The Flamekiss 3-Cup Egg Cooker is environment-friendly, 100% PTFE and PFOA free. To top it off, the egg pan is backed with a twelve-month warranty. The Flamekiss egg pan is nothing short of an egg lover’s dream.

Oh, yeah… you can cook perfect pancakes in it too!

Ozera Nonstick Silicone Egg Ring and Pancake Mold, Set of 4

Ozera took a new approach to egg making with their new design of silicone egg ring molds! Their unique design consists of a thin handle that stays cool while the egg is frying in the pan, or on the griddle. Once the egg is cooked, the ring is easily removed. Then it can be wiped down and reused in no time.

The rings are completely BPA free, as well as dishwasher safe. The Ozerea silicone egg rings come with a lifetime warranty, are available in four colors, and even a set of fun shapes kids will love. And yes, you can even use them for pancakes.

Frying the perfect egg is in fact possible with the proper tools. You no longer need to deal with misshapen, runny, or partially cooked eggs, or the frustration that comes with it. All three of the products we reviewed for this post will lower your cooking time and save energy. You will not be disappointed of the level of quality, and the shape, of your future eggs!

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